But yet, the first place people seem to fail is in their MEAL PLANNING. In
our business,
FitnessQuest Personal Training and Consulting, we hear
many reasons why following a typical fad “DIET” makes it near impossible to

“I dislike the food or meals I have to eat.”

“I am so bored with the food.”

“It is so hard to cook two different meals–one for me and one for my family.”

“My energy and drive to exercise (or to do anything) is gone.”

“My co-workers and family are begging me to eat a carb so I’m not so
cranky and moody.”

The reasons are endless. So as a result, you either blow the diet or don’t eat
at all. Both of which are detrimental to
Quality, Permanent Body Change.

What we look to show with “FQ the Real You” is that you don’t have to eat
a “chicken, paper and cardboard diet” to consider yourself eating clean. You
don’t have to starve yourself or eat foods that make you gag. We have
composed an array of different
Tried and Tested Recipes that Taste
and are right in line with what your body needs to make permanent
change, not just a quick fix and a few pounds off.
This Quick Easy Read
Recipe eBook
will help you make an Easy Transition into Clean Eating
and a New Lifestyle.
For those of you who are already following a
FitnessQuest customized meal plan you will find New Exciting Ways to
Prepare Your Meals.
FQ the Real You-Clean Eating Lifestyle Recipes includes:

Main Course Recipes that you and the whole family can enjoy at dinner time.

Breakfast Recipes so you can look forward to starting off your day with its most important meal.

Quick to make (and easy to eat) snacks so you’re ensured of getting in the proper nutrition your body
needs to fuel itself.

Healthy Clean Eating side dishes to go with any entrée.

**Nutrient values of all recipes…
Plus Much More for Only $29.95!
There’s even a section with some popular Tasty Kid Recipes altered to meet clean eating standards. For
those that want to see their kids eating a little healthier but not having to follow a strict meal plan.  

This Clean Eating, Healthy Living Recipe eBook is for everyone from the beginner to the advanced hard
core athlete. These recipes are designed for the young and young at heart. If your goal is to
Lose Weight,
Build or Retain Lean Muscle, Get Healthy, Provide Energy for your Activities or Sport…these
Recipes are for you!
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like you who have produced great results from using recipes just like the ones you will find in our new
FQ the Real You! Don’t waste another minute…Take Advantage of this Lifestyle
Changing Offer
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