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Dear John,

I wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for all of your help. Prior to having you as my trainer, I worked out alone and
depended on myself to gauge my quality of workouts as well as how hard to push each workout and body part involved. I
found that I was not achieving the desired results and had basically started to get frustrated with the whole bodybuilding
After consulting with you and setting achievable goals, I began a new program that you had designed specifically for me.
The workouts have been challenging and at times difficult, but with you both as motivators, instructors, and mentors, you
always are pushing me to achieve better results. I have noticed huge gains in both strength and size with your program, and
have found myself wanting to achieve even higher goals, such as entering a bodybuilding competition.
Thanks again for all you have done and I am looking forward to the next level of training….


Kevin J. Evans
Senior Clinical Consultant / Ablation                                                                                                            See Pics of Kevin in
Gallery 11

Fitness Quest was a prayer answered for me. It continues to be a blessing each day because of all I learned from them.

I had hit rock bottom, again, with my weight. I was so disgusted with myself. I was so sick of feeling bad, both physically and
emotionally. Physically, I looked bad, but worse than that, I felt horrible. I had been diagnosed with arthritis and a stomach
ulcer. Emotionally, I felt like I was losing hope and that scared me. I had been on every diet there is, and while I always lost
weight on those diets, I always gained the weight back. Each time I lost and gained the weight my self esteem went farther
down the tubes. I was really down on myself. I knew I need help but I didn’t want to go through that again. I needed
something different, something I could live with the rest of my life. I was going to turn forty in July and I didn’t want to reach
that milestone looking and feeling bad.

I called FitnessQuest this past January (07). I wish I would’ve done it a long time ago. I could’ve saved myself so much pain,
aggravation, and money. Lisa and John met with my husband and I, and they developed an eating and workout program for
me. They assured me I would have no problem reaching my goal by my fortieth birthday. I was skeptical, but I was
desperate. I started the program in January and reached the goal I set of 30 pounds in May.

When I reached my goal I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders (literally!). I felt such relief. I felt better
than I could remember in a long time. I was pain free and there was no sign of my ulcer. I know I couldn’t have done it
without Fitness Quest. The support I received was priceless to me. They were there every step of the way. They came to my
home to help me through workouts. She always had something new for me, I never got bored. Anytime I needed help or had
a question, she was only a phone call away. I never felt like I was on my own. I truly believe that was a huge part of me
achieving my goal.

It’s now September and I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss the whole summer. I don’t think I could’ve done that with
any other program. I’ve learned a whole new life style with the skills Fitness Quest taught me. I feel so good, I’ve decided to
lose ten more pounds, and I know I’ll be able to do it because of all I’ve learned from them. Thank you FitnessQuest.


Jill Martin

John made it very clear that weight training is more than just lifting weights.  It’s a comprehensive approach that includes
diet, routine, and motivation.  Unlike many trainers I have worked with in the past, John showed me the true ‘tricks of the
trade’.  His goal is to educate his clients to the how’s and why’s so they can be informed about what really contributes to
their overall health.

After working with FitnessQuest I quickly realized how much I didn’t know about weight training.  The knowledge John
brings to clients, their personalized diet and exercise programs, and their energetic personalities make it easy to achieve my
conditioning goals.  I truly couldn’t give any fitness team a higher recommendation!

South Beach, Atkins, Grapefruit diet, Bowflex, Crosstrainers, etc…  Let’s be real… we all have invested into equipment and
plans that just haven’t worked and now take up space in our basements.  The choice really is up to you.  You could buy
stacks of books on weight training and spend hundreds on the new (quick fix) diet plan or just spend some time with
FitnessQuest.  Their knowledge and experience surpass what most of us have the time to research.  AND… they can quickly
tell you what is best for YOU!   After all – not every new trend works for everyone and in actuality – some can be very harmful.

Daniel R. Castagna
Assistant Principal

TO: FitnessQuest

FROM: Beth Landsbaugh

I need to thank you for answering my phone call all those Sundays ago.  Little did I know that phone call was going to
change everything.  I called to ask about membership rates and before I knew it, I had a personal trainer that taught me
everything I needed to start working out at a gym.  These last 7 weeks have been amazing.  I am more comfortable going to
the gym that I have ever been.   Thank you for your constant motivation, training, support, positive attitude and
understanding.   You have been a fantastic trainer and exactly what I needed.   

I am in shock right now reading my "before" and "after" measurements.   If I added correctly, it looks like I've lost about 11
inches total.   I feel better today then I have in a very long time.   And this is only the beginning.   I look forward to more
training sessions with you in the future.  

Thank you for everything!!!  


I would like to take this time to stop and reflect on how my training has gone for the last seven and a half months.
When I first started with John I weight in at 254lbs and had a 40 inch waist. I had come down from 299lbs but it was a long
two year process on my own, and I was getting very frustrated with the slow results I was getting on my own! I started with
Fitness Quest in February of 2007 and the results have been beyond my expectations, I have lost an amazing 44lbs and 8
inches off my waist. I know this sounds like and infomercial but believe me when I say this, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!  

This was by no means a quick fix, there was a lot of work on my part to get to where I am now and where I want to go in the
future. But John has been there very step of the way motivating me to push harder and giving me the encouragement to do
one more (more like 3-4 more) but knowing that I had them at my finger tips for help with my dieting and training made the
whole process much more enjoyable. My family and fiends can't believe what a transformation I have made! I look forward to
what John has in store for me each week. The one thing that will always stay with me from my time with Fitness Quest is in
the beginning when I first started training. It was when we were training arms and they had me doing a killer super set, I
thought man that is a grueling work out four stations and fifteen reps each, my arms were smoking and has I got up from the
bench John looked at me and said; THAT'S ONE, JUST TWO MORE TO GO! From that point on I knew that he was not going
to let me slack off in any way shape or form. So thank you John for the great gains and loses we have made and the ones to
come, I look forward to standing on stage one day with John and showing what we have built!


Matthew Pia                                                                                                                                     See Matt's before & after pics in
Gallery 9
Age 39
weight 210
height 6'-3"

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