FitnessQuest Personal Training and Consulting is a results orientated fitness training
that believes changing your body will also change your life. With more than 20
years of experience in the
fitness industry, both Lisa and John have worked with many types
of people from many different walks of life. Since they have combined forces, they have
been showing clients that no one is beyond having their dream body! You are not going to
find all the latest fad approaches and money making schemes on this site, just the cold hard

FitnessQuest prides themselves on their versatility and understanding of many different
areas. Their dedicated approach and their love for the game shows through to everyone
they encounter. Clients as young as 11 and as old as 90! They work with beginners who are
new to fitness as well as advanced, well seasoned
athletes/competitiors.  So whether you
have a special event such as a
wedding, vacation or reunion that you want to look and feel
great for, or your next contest is around the corner, John and Lisa have the answers.

Besides working with people in the
gym, in-home, or online, FitnessQuest also is known for
their community service.
Health festivals, mentoring at high schools, childhood obesity
, coaching and supporting local sports teams, they are dedicated on getting the
word out and helping people understand the importance of fitness.
Sports and cheerleading
that focus on the strength and conditioning necessary to perform at your best are
FitnessQuest projects. Even outdoor group exercise camps for members of the
community to come and have fun while getting fit.

Many trainers will try to pull the wool over your eyes by presenting all their fancy long named
certifications but have never applied anything they preach to their own lives. Someone who
has never seriously dieted or worked out
can't understand how to deal with someone who is
honestly trying...... it's a joke. In order to truly understand the battlefield, you must have been
in the trenches.
FitnessQuest not only teaches it, they live it! Nothing beats experience and
between the both of them, it's a wealth of just that.
About Us
John walked into a gym at the age of sixteen and
never walked out! To say he was hooked is an
understatement. Growing up he tried his hand at a
variety of different sports, everything from
boxing/martial arts to football/baseball/wrestling
and even gymnastics. John was also a passionate
musician, dancer and all around performer. He
garnered many performance awards as well as
being a published songwriter.

With 18 years of workout experience and several
certifications, he has been welcomed as a personal
trainer with six different gyms. He has worked as
an exercise and nutrition consultant for a nationally
recognized modeling agency, as well as being a
modeling teacher. His experiences also made him
an awe inspiring group exercise instructor who
always knew how to pack the room.

He is currently a nationally qualified bodybuilder
with the NPC.  John began competing at age 24 but
a cervical spine injury sidetracked his aspirations.
Then eight years later, after rehabilitating and
rebuilding, he renewed his drive to compete. Since
then his proudest accomplishment was 1st place at
the 2007 NPC Upper Ohio Valley Bodybuilding
Championships. He has also been presented with a
Best Poser award. His background on the stage
combined with his love for bodybuilding make for
exciting and entertaining routines come show time.

There is also a strong desire to continue learning
about fitness and related fields that gives him an
edge in knowledge fueled by a drive to see results.
John truly has a deep concern and caring for his
clients and it's evident in the time and energy he
puts into helping them. There's not much he
preaches that he hasn't personally guinea pigged
and chances are, if he says to do it, he's tried it
himself. A big part of his success has been due to
his highly intuitive people skills and strong
instincts which both make him adaptable with all
types of clients and personalities.
You can see John's before and after photos in
John Onderick
Certified Personal Trainer
FitnessQuest Personal Training & Consulting
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