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Priorities:  The reason most major goals are not achieved
is that we spend our time doing second things first.
- Robert j. McKain
It does not matter how slowly
you go so long as you do not stop.
Don't wait. The time will
never be just right.
-Napoleon Hill
What is not started today is
never finished tomorrow.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
We all have ability. The
difference is how we use it.
-Stevie Wonder
You will never find time for
anything. If you want time,
you must make it.
-Charles Bixton
Endurance is one of the most
difficult disciplines, but it is to
the one who endures that the
final victory comes.
“It's never crowded along
the extra mile.”
-Wayne Dyer
If not now, when?
-The Talmud
When you blame others, you
give up your power to change.
-Dr. Robert Anthony
Endurance: Diamonds are nothing
more than chunks of coal that stuck
to there jobs.
-Malcolm Forbes
The superior man is
modest in his speech, but
exceeds in his actions.    
Positive Beginnings is a visualization tool which you can watch for free every day. These videos have been given to you to harness the
infinite powers of your mind and transform your life into success, happiness, prosperity, health and joy. To experience maximum benefit from
visualization tools, log on and start every day off with watching a video of your choice, read the words, as well as, feel and believe them
with all your heart. Let this page be the recharge whenever life's struggles get in the way of your personal development.

FitnessQuest has also provided links to other great videos to enlighten your day
along with the option to purchase the books that inspired the videos.
For more great inspirational
materials be sure to visit
FitnessQuest Personal Training has
created this video to help you reprogram
your mind to make you unstoppable in
reaching your health and fitness goals.
With the help of positive affirmations and
visualizations along with music
underscored by binaural beats, this video
will embed its positivity directly into your
subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the most
powerful tool that everyone has to make
changes in their lives. It controls our every
action, our thoughts, our attitudes, and is
the very foundation of our view on life.
Everything that we do or say originates in
our subconscious thoughts. The
subconscious mind can be entered when
the brain is in the lower frequency ranges
of alpha and theta. It is at this point that we
can begin reprogramming the
subconscious An easy and convenient
method is to make use of a modern
technology known as binaural beat
Binaural beats are the result of two
slightly different tones being played into
each ear. The brain then starts to
synchronize the differences in tones,
eventually reaching a totally new
brainwave frequency. By playing
binaural beats you can now control your
own mood, state of mind, behavior, and

Find a quiet place when you will not be
disturbed to watch and listen to the
video. Best results achieved when
listening with headphones though it is
not necessary. Listen once or multiple
times daily for best results.
Subconscious Programming for achieving the New You