Tighter, Toner, more Shapely & Fit in 7 Days
Red Carpet Ready by the WeekendWhat does that mean?

Take your current body and situation and get the best possible results in the
quickest amount of time for a
leaner, sleeker, shapelier you. Be ready for the
wedding/vacation you knew was coming for the last 6 months…how about the
reunion/holidays in which you will be seeing old classmates/family for the first
time in years?…or the special date that you want to make a
great first
…or maybe you need a jumpstart to begin an exercise program or
just to get back into the gym. Whatever the situation, these techniques can make
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Get Red Carpet ready fast! Use celebrity and bodybuilder secrets to lose up to
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tips/tricks contained here are ones that competitive bodybuilders & fitness
use in the last days leading up to their competition, models who are
looking to be ready for a big
photo shoot as well as Hollywood celebrities
getting ready to strut their stuff on the
Red Carpet. This is your inside guide to
those hidden tricks that have been concealed by insiders for years. Think you
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the tried and true proven methods or more simply…
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Red Carpet Ready by the Weekend
Insider Tips to Look Tighter, Toner, more Shapely & Fit in 7 Days
* You feel “stuck.” You just can’t get your weight to budge and you
need some time-tested plateau-busters to push you over the edge.

* You have a big event coming up and you want to look and feel
your absolute BEST. You are close but you want to arrive in style
with total self-confidence.

* You want to make sure you have a PROVEN plan to jumpstart
your fitness or for when a  fabulous event  comes up and you need
to drop a few pounds FAST.

*This is a SIMPLE, step-by-step action plan that takes the
guesswork and thinking out of your way. Follow it to a ‘T’ and you
will rock your event looking refreshed, slimmer and feeling totally
Brand New 18 Page FQ EBooklet Publication
What you will get in Red Carpet Ready by the Weekend ~ Insider Tips to Look
Tighter, Toner, more Shapely & Fit in 7 Days!

- A detailed program that will guide you step by step through the type of regimen Hollywood
Celebrities, Rock Stars, Models & Fitness Professionals use to look their best on short notice.

- Quick tips and Interesting facts about simple items at everyone's disposal that could make a world
of difference in your appearance.

- Tips on what you can do outside of nutrition and exercise that can put you at your best.

- A special bonus section on tanning, spray or bed, that will teach you how to maximize the effects of
these activities.
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Red Carpet Ready by the Weekend
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