FitnessQuest Personal Training & Consulting
Have questions? Want the truth on some things or just need some
A 1/2 hour  consultation may be what you need to put things in

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Gym or In Home
FitnessQuest offers a variety of packages for everyone from
beginner to advanced. What better inspiration  than having your
own personal trainer that is  right there to help instruct on proper
form, execution and guidance. There's no greater motivation than
having a trainer in front of you that knows just how hard to push
and when to say
when for maximum results.
Call to set up a free initial consultation to get
one step closer to your goals.

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Sport Specific
You know you have talent and skill, now get the strength,
endurance and conditioning to match your abilities. Everything
from football, baseball, basketball, boxing or MMA, to golf or tennis.
We have the information to take your game to the next level.
Everyone needs a competitive edge, whether it's for a recreational,
high school/college or professional athlete.
FitnessQuest can give you the winning edge.

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For the bodybuilder, fitness competitor or figure competitor, we will
prepare you for your day on stage! The meal plan will be adjusted
right up to the day of the show, along with your weight training
workout and your cardio prescription. Every two week evaluations
and sessions to teach and perfect mandatory poses in person,
through pics, video or web cam. Stage presence, posing suit
selection, tanning advice, skin care and hair removal are all important
details to having the "total package".
FitnessQuest will leave no
stone unturned! Contact us 16 to 20 weeks before the contest date.
Mandatory Posing

Think you know how to pose....well you don't. A football player takes
the field, a basketball player takes the court and a bodybuilder takes
"stage". You can have the best body in the world but how you
execute the mandatory poses in prejudging could be the difference
between winning or losing. Every meticulous detail will be
addressed. From the beginning competitor to the seasoned veteran,
everyone could benefit from that third eye.
Posing Routines

Game day for a bodybuilder is about posing........if you don't have the
posing down, your not a bodybuilder, you're nothing more than a
weight lifter! Accentuating your strong points, hiding your
weaknesses and transitions are  key to presenting yourself in the
best possible light.  A professionally choreographed routine will
entertain and make you the fans choice!
Music Mixes
Nothing can compliment a routine and add excitement more than a
great music mix. This is what the people came to see. You don't want
to just press play on a CD and walk off with a song still playing.
Leave them wanting more.
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Gift Certificate

Available in
What better a better way to show someone you care than
the gift of health &  fitness. Whether it's $50.00 or more,
you decide. The recipient can apply the amount to the
package of their choice.
FitnessQuest can help you (or
them) decide which option is best. Write the name of the
recipient in the message box when you make your
purchase and we will email you a printable gift certificate.
*Gift certificates expire within 3 months of purchase date.

Are you new to working out or just need a refresher course? Try
our 6 week program that will ease you into the perfect workout
plan and diet. We will begin by starting you slow the first week,
then progressively advancing as time progresses. By the 6th
week you'll be well into your prescribed workout and menu plan
and on your way to unveiling the body that you know is there. So
there's no more excuses, now starts today!
Six Week

Is your current regimen going stale? Sometimes shaking things
up can be just what you need. If you're finding that you are just
not yielding the results you once did,
FitnessQuest can create a
detailed gameplan to get you back to seeing progress again. This
six week program will guide you through your workout and
nutrition plan. Week by week updates will keep things moving in a
positive direction. So don't keep running around in circles, Start
getting the most out of the time you spend on your body.
Nutrition  Plans

We will design a plan specifically for you and your lifestyle. This is
a complete road map to the whats, hows and whens to eat.  Your
meal plan will play the biggest part in your weight loss or weight
gain. Don't miss out on this important step in your journey.
Workout Programs

For those who just want to know what they should be doing when
they're working out. Effective exercises,  and the sequence and
placement of  the exercises  all make the difference between
making progress or not! We will take the guess work out of it for
you, so you can start your path on the right foot.
Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle,
FitnessQuest will devise a nutrition plan and workout program
that will get you on your way. Make sure the two biggest
components for your success are in order. Remember, all it takes
is having the right map to get to the right destination.
Phone Consultations
Have questions? Want the truth on some things or just need some
A 1/2 hour  consultation may be what you need to put things in
Nutrition or Workout

Our bodies have a tendency to become accustomed and adapt to
workout routines and nutrition plans. When this happens it's time
to change things around in order to keep progressing. If you feel
you have hit that point a nutrition or workout update may be the
answer to stay on pace with your goals.

*Must accompany a workout or nutrition plan purchased through FitnessQuest
Personal Training:
Online Training:
"Do it Now! Today will be yesterday tomorrow!"
Online Fitness Training
In Home or Gym Personal Fitness Training Pittsburgh, PA
Sport Specific or Physique Competition Training
Routine Training and Choreography
“FQ the Real You – Clean Eating Lifestyle Recipes was put together for those
that have tried and failed. It’s for those that have done, but want to do more. For
those that have hit a plateau or a slump. For those that have never tried at all or
those who have been tentative or afraid to even begin. Everybody wants to look
good or better, feel better and be healthier.

To prove that the thought of all food that is good for you can’t possibly taste good
is total NONSENSE.  Proving eating clean doesn’t have to be a
‘diet’…just simply
‘a way of  eating.’ We will show that you can make physical changes and changes
towards better health without the deprivation that so many fear or use as an
excuse. You will understand how a few simple changes can make a world of
difference in achieving your goals.

Your Body Needs Oxygen To:
•Metabolize the food you eat
•Fuel your muscles
•Fuel your brain
•Clean toxins out of your body
•Support your Immune System
•Manufacture hormones and proteins
•Remove viruses, parasites, and bacteria
•And more...

Lack of Oxygen May Cause:
•General Fatigue
•Poor Muscle Endurance and Power
•Poor Concentration and Focus
•Poor Digestion
•And more...

Today, truO2™ oxygen enriched air is available in small
portable cans that allow you to flood your body with
supplemental oxygen any time you want!