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SIZE: 0.02 mg (20mcg)

Many people who practice body building buy clenbuterol and use it to boost their energy levels, resist to more intense and prolonged workouts and burn more fat, but only a few know that it is not just another supplement, but an actual medicine that should be treated as such.

This means you should never use it without knowing exactly if your body can handle it and what the correct dosage is in your case.

The drug is a bronchodilator belonging to the beta-2 adrenergic agonists category. It is available in 10-20 microgram tablets, but also as syrup or in injectable form.

It is true that it is also anabolic to muscle and catabolic to fat, which means that it has a constructive role at the muscles’ level, helping cells to grow, and has a destructive role at the fat cells’ level, breaking down fat molecules into smaller elements and releasing energy. Lately, it is more and more often used as a dietary supplement by both body builders and average people. It is safe, it is accessible and it is effective, unlike most of the other products in the industry.